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Infestation Deep Cleaning Service

Summit Pest Control’s expert knowledge of providing specialist cleaning solutions to businesses and authorities. This has also enabled us to develop advanced techniques to offer disinfection and odour removal services for your premises following a fire to eradicate future health issues arising from smoke damage.

The specialist cleaning services Summit Pest Control offer also includes a full after builders clean. This service ensures dust, debris, and any unpleasant odours are removed to leave the premises spotless and ready for use.

Summit Pest Control’s expert cleaning services also include the industrial cleaning and disinfection of refuse chutes and bin store rooms. This prevents unpleasant odours and potential pest infestations developing.

  • Deep cleaning services
  • Full Building Deep Clean
  • Public Toilet Area Deep Clean
  • Before/After Event Cleaning
  • Kitchen Deep Clean
  • Private Bathroom Deep Clean
  • Hallway/Stair Area Deep Clean
  • Bedroom Deep Clean
  • Lounge/Living Area Deep Clean
  • Cleaning of body fluids (animal and human)
  • Deep cleaning within pest control is also a very worthwhile add-on following a treatment. We can remove dead insects, mites, allergens and droppings

Specialist Cleaning Services

Summit Pest Control Specialist Hygiene offers authorities, businesses and organisations throughout the United Kingdom a comprehensive range of industrial and specialist cleaning solutions.
This service ensures a hygienic and clean environment is maintained, helping to prevent the risk of product spoilage and contamination occurring.

Once we have dealt with your infestation we highly recommend a deep clean to remove all potentially harmful bi-product of pests. Our deep cleansing system is guaranteed to remove any bacterial or viral hazards.

Summit Pest Control offer a wide range of expert industrial and specialist cleaning solutions, all of which are carried out by our RSPH certified specialist cleaning technicians.

Summit Pest Control offer a full survey and rat-proofing service. If you even suspect the presence of rats in your property you should call Summit Pest Control today on 0800 4148 007

If you have an emergency pest control situation, don’t hesitate to call our 24/7 rapid response service on 0800 4148 007