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Insects are a significant pest and can present various pest control issues:

  • Food Contamination – Insects are a major cause of food contamination, leading to costly wastage of spoiled food which in turn can lead to a wide variety of diseases.
  • Bites and stings – These may present anything from minor irritation to extreme allergic reaction leading to the need for hospitalisation. Insect bites can also pass on numerous viral, bacterial and parasitic diseases. Additionally, allergens caused by an insect can lead to a severe asthmatic reaction.
  • Material damage – Insect infestation can damage clothing, furniture and, in the worst case, can cause severe damage to the structure of a building.

Insect control

It is vital to control insect infestation as soon as possible. Insect breeding cycles are both short and prolific. Chronic infestation can rapidly occur unless prompt action is taken.

  • Damage Prevention – Unless promptly dealt with infestations can lead to severe damage to property; including damage to the fabric of a property.
  • Prevention of environmental and food contamination – Insects carry numerous diseases and cause severe allergic reactions. Food contamination has significant cost and health implications. Keeping areas free from infestations can have considerable quality of life benefits.
  • Legal requirements – Numerous regulations and laws demand control of insects concerning food preparation and handling. Prosecution can follow in the event of failure to comply with the law.
  • Prevention of loss – This can come in the form of damaged goods and property. Additionally, premise owners can be forced to pay compensation or face litigation due to the presence of pests on commercial properties.

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